Lehrstuhl für Mathematik VIII - Statistik

    08 043700 · Statistical Analysis

    • Termin und Ort: Mi 16-18 , Fr 12-14 S0.103

    • Beginn: Mi, 18.10.2017

    • Vorkenntnisse: Stochastik I, II

    Content: This is a continuation of the course Stochastik II. It links up the theory of a selection of statistical procedures  used in general practice with their application to real world data sets.

    Categorical Data Analysis
    Analysis of Variance
    Discriminant Analysis
    Principal Components Analysis, Factor Analysis

    Falk, M., Marohn, F. and Tewes, B. (2002): Foundations of Statistical Analyses and Applications with SAS. Birkhäuser, Basel.
    Rice, J.A. (1995): Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis. 2nd ed., Duxbury Press, Belmont.

    A script: will be made available to the participants of the course.

    Examinations: Oral examinations will be organized about the end of the course.


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